Although the artistic voice of Yang Din's works speaks to its audiences in muted whispers, it resonates with its ability to strip away all frivolity and expose the simple beauty of existence. Yang's images take the idea of expressive simplicity to its apex. He is unafraid of using only a few objects - a tree grounded in space, a pair of birds, a single house in the vast - and allowing the void surrounding those sparse objects to act as both a force meant to emphasize the strength of existence imbedded within each object, as well as a suggestive element that expresses the artist’s longing for quiet contemplation.  


His paintings do not express the visible landscape, but they express the scale of universe, projecting a space different from the Western traditional landscapes. The magnificent colors of the endless broad land suggest the artist’s imagined unreal space. His works express a sense of spirituality, gratitude, intuition, peace and serenity, which are characteristics of an Eastern philosophy in dialogue with a Western philosophical way of thinking.