LALAN, the third monograph published jointly by Kwai Fung Art Publishing House and Rizzoli International Publications




Publisher: Kwai Fung Art Publishing House and Rizzoli International Publications
Publication Date: 2022
Format: Hardcover
Versions: English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese
Dimensions: 310 (H) x 240 (W) mm
Pages: 324
ISBN: 978-88-918330-2-0
Price: HKD 750




Featuring 160 paintings and works on paper from the artist's groundbreaking oeuvre, LALAN is the most complete monograph available on the artist. Born in China in 1921 and based in France from 1948 onwards, Lalan was an accomplished painter, poet, musician and dancer whose avant-garde 'integrated art' infused the cultures of the East and West.


The book covers the three major periods of the artist's career between the 1950s until Lalan's untimely passing in 1995, with an in-depth academic essay on Lalan's music, dance and painting practices from Dr. Véronique Bergen and contributions from Zhao Jia-Ling, Lalan's son, Jean-Michel Beurdeley, representative of Lalan Estate, Catherine Kwai, Director of Lalan Archive, and Raphaël Dupouy, President of Réseau Lalan, as well as excerpts of key scholarly critiques by art historian Vadime Elisseeff and playwright Eugene Ionesco, amongst others.


Prepared in cooperation with the artist's estate, LALAN compiles materials gathered over two years of painstaking research that speak to Lalan's passion for art and for life. The book includes an illustrated chronology of Lalan's life and pioneering artistic practice, a critical anthology, a comprehensive list of the artist's solo exhibitions and performances, and a selective bibliography. A truly comprehensive review that spans over four decades of her work, the monograph documents Lalan's lifelong passion and artistic excellence.


Printed and bound in Italy, the book is available in English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.




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