Documentary of Lalan - A Life Between Dream and Drama

JC Cube Tai Kwun

To commemorate Chinese-French artist Lalan's centennial birthday, Kwai Fung Hin presented the premiere of "Documentary of Lalan - A Life Between Dream and Drama" on September 11 at the JC Cube in Tai Kwun, Central. 


The half-hour documentary highlights critical moments from Lalan's life and explains her "integrated art" that combines painting, music and dance from perspectives of different critics. Audiences follow along in reviewing the pinnacles during the artist's 40-year long journey of artistic development. The production took over three years in the making, fully demonstrating the strenuous effort put into research and compliation of the production team.


Alongside the screening, Ms Catherine Kwai officially announced the launch of Lalan's online archive. Available on 1 October, the online archive records nearly 480 works created by the artist from 1958 to 1995 along with exhibitions, publication records and excerpts from art critiques. The archive aims at promoting Lalan's art and research with particular emphasis on supporting art fanatics across the globe who are fascinated with the oeuvre and achievements of our French-Chinese female artist.


A special announcement was also made by Ms Catherine Kwai thereof Lalan's upcoming monograph co-published by Kwai Fung Art Publishing House and Rizzoli International Publication. The monograph features a selection of 160 works of art made by Lalan, with excerpts from pivotal critiques narrated with biographical photographs and stories.



Documentary of Lalan - A Life Between Dream and Drama


Date and time

11 September 2021 5PM - 6PM



JC Cube, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central

11 Sep 2021
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