Extended Figure - The Art and Inspiration of Lalan: Supported by Kwai Fung Foundation; Organised by Asia Society Hong Kong Center

27 Apr - 19 Sep 2021

To commemorate Lalan's centennial birthday in 2021, Asia Society Hong Kong organized a large retrospective exhibition for Lalan titled Extended Figure - Art and Inspiration of Lalan on 27 April 2021 and ran until 19 September 2021.



Xie Jing-lan, also known as Lalan, was an inspirational female Chinese artist in the 20th Century, whose legacy lies in the art form known as Integrated art, incorporating painting, music, and dance. Showcasing over thirty artworks and archival materials of her cross-disciplinary attempts, the exhibition traces Lalan's transformative life events, experimentation and introspection through her four decades of painting. As the fourth instalment in the 20th Century Chinese Female Artist Series, Asia Society Hong Kong Center hopes to commemorate the Lalan's centennial anniversary, while celebrating her significance as a pioneer of cross-disciplinary art, and her impact on merging the aesthetic of East and West.




Organized by Asia Society Hong Kong Center


Exhibition Period

27 April - 19 September 2021

Chantal Miller Gallery, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty