The Works: Digital art in HK, Chi Wing-lo @ Kwai Fung Salone

RTHK 香港電台, 2022年6月18日

Hong Kong born Lo Chi-wing studied architecture at Harvard University. For decades, with his Italy-based company Dimensione Chi Wing Lo he's focused predominantly on furniture design. Now based in Athens, Greece, he has also over the years developed a multi-disciplinary practice that includes architecture, interior design, furniture, object design and sculpture. He says he sees his objects and sculptures as "artefacts from an imaginary civilisation". Many of them are on show until the end of July at Kwai Fung Salone in Tai Kwun in the exhibition: "Angels from Infinity". Inspired by his childhood growing up in a small fishing village in the Eastern part of Hong Kong, the works, Lo says, represent his "angels": spiritual companions that have guided and accompanied him since his youth, allowing him to escape from the mundanity of time and his surroundings.


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