Li Huayi

Infinities Between Ink and Gold
Featuring a total of 44 pieces created over 13 years, including 27 ink on antique Japanese gilded screen works and 17 ink and gold or silver leaf on silk works, the book surveys Li Huayi's aesthetic innovations through the incorporation of gold as a medium into traditional ink painting. 

Born in Shanghai in 1948 and settling in San Francisco in 1982, Li Huayi's practice revitalises Chinese landscape painting traditions from the Song Dynasty through the lens of Western contemporary thoughts and approaches. In 2008, Li followed a new direction, executing ink paintings on antique Japanese gilded screens instead of paper. In 2019, he presented his latest series of works comprising ink and gold leaf on silk, showcasing whimsical and unrestrained pictorial expressions of poetic, immersive dreamscapes that project light and boundless space.

This book includes in-depth analysis of Li Huayi's oeuvre by Shawn Eichman, Curator of Asian Art at Honolulu Museum of Art, a biography and a comprehensive list of the artist's exhibitions accompanied by installation images, reflecting the development of Li Huayi's unique practice and his determined pursuit of innovation in traditional Chinese ink painting.

Infinities Between Ink and Gold - Catalogue Raisonné of the Gilded Works by Li Huayi 2008-2021  

Publisher: Kwai Fung Art Publishing House
Publication Date: 2022
Format: Hardcover
Language: English, traditional Chinese
Dimensions: 278 (H) x 293 (W) mm
Pages: 148
ISBN: 978-988-15623-0-2
Price: HKD 300



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