Discovery of Image-Consciousness • Wu Yi

22 January - 20 February 2016

The exhibition showcases 36 pieces of Wu Yi’s important paintings from 1978 until now, including the early ink paintings of Huangshan, his ink and acrylic paintings of Dunhuang and the Kunlun Peaks in 1980s and 1990s, and the panoramic landscape works from recent years.


Born in 1934, a native of Guangdong, Wu Yi is one of the most important artists dedicated to Chinese Ink Painting in the 20th century. In 1984, he moved to New York and settled down there. He has been tirelessly exploring the past and the future of Chinese ink painting all his life. Wu Yi traced back to moment when images first began to form characters with meaning - this traditional aesthetic concept of “Image-Consciousness” is the source of his inspiration. His paintings are awash with the spirit of Chinese traditional culture, and yet they go far beyond the conventional boundaries of Chinese ink painting, exuding an aura that is both intimate and strange. They are both Chinese and international, both traditional and contemporary.


All great works of art have one thing in common: they touch hearts universally, across time and territories. Like the Story of Stone, like the plays of Shakespeare, like the music of Chopin, the paintings of Wu Yi present such supreme artistic beauty, it is as if they were bathing the audience in the clearest moonlight and freshest breeze, bringing them to tears through an indescribable charm.