Myonghi 明 姬 b. 1947

Born in 1947 in Daegu, South Korea, Myonghi immigrated to France in 1972.  Today, she splits her time between the two countries. Apart from some exhibitions at museums and poem parties, where she worked with various writers on pairing their poems with her paintings, Myonghi has lived a quiet life, focused purely on her artwork. Nevertheless, over the years she has gained much recognition and respect from academic circles, including philosopher Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe and poet Alain Jouffroy. Mr. Dominique de Villepin, the former Prime Minister of France, is also a poet and an art critic with a wide knowledge and appreciation for abstract art. He is full of praise for Myonghi as an artist, and describes her as "a gem known only to insiders".


Myonghi has travelled throughout the globe, from the Gobi Desert to the Patagonia Glaciers, in order to sketch and find inspiration. While she selects her subjects from nature, she endeavours to explore a realm beyond pictorial structures and exterior appearance. Keen to discover the inner nature of her subject and to identify its core, Myonghi is in a way exploring hidden dimensions within nature, and the results of her findings are a marvel to behold.


The paintings of Myonghi have been exhibited in important museums including National Museum of Contemporary Art (South Korea), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France), National Art Museum of China (Beijing, China) and Shanghai Art Museum (China).