Fang Shao Hua 方少華

Born in 1962 in Hubei, Fang Shao Hua graduated from Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in 1983. Fang is currently the Dean of Art Institute of South China Normal University.


Fang works from a solid foundation, having perfected both Chinese and Western painting techniques from an early age. Featuring brushstrokes that are as lively and variable as traditional Chinese ink paintings, his oil paintings employ a delicacy that has never appeared in the Western tradition. Participated in the avant-garde ’85 Movement, Fang Shao Hua's early works are greatly influenced by the German Neo-expressionism, but very soon, with the highly acclaimed “Arch Series”, he established his own artistic language.


In 1996, he was invited to participate in the group exhibition China! at Kunst Museum, Germany, all invitees are leading figures in contemporary Chinese art, including Zhang Xiao-gang, Wang Guang-yi, Yue Min-jun. In 2008, he held a well-acclaimed solo exhibition In Search of Harmless Apples for the Garden of Eden at the Shanghai Art Museum. His paintings have been exhibited at Power Station of Art in Shanghai, National Art Museum of China, Düsseldorf Art Museum in Germany, Singapore Art Museum, Tokyo Art Museum. His works are collected by many art museums, including Kunst Museum in Germany, Cultural and Art Foundation in Germany, National Art Museum of China in Beijing, Shanghai Art Museum in China, Guangdong Museum of Art in China, and other private collectors.