Contemporary Landscapes: Li Huayi

Honolulu Museum of Art | 2019.8.24 - 2020.1.5

We are proud that the Honolulu Museum of Art has organised a retrospective exhibition of our represented artist Li Huayi titled “Contemporary Landscapes: Li Huayi” from 24 August 2019 to 5 January 2020.


This exhibition traces the artist’s career over three decades, through 33 paintings lent from more than a dozen international private collections. It will include recent works never before seen by the public, as well as highlights from various stages of his artistic growth, in formats from hanging scrolls and gold screens to installations.








Shawn Eichman, HoMA curator of Asian art and curator of the exhibition, positions Li in the vanguard of artists who are defining what the values of a new artistic era will become. “He seamlessly merges painstaking technical skill with perceptive critical theory to challenge definitions of contemporary art. Can centuries-old technique be a vehicle for avant-garde abstraction? Can a visual language that developed in a highly specific cultural context be used to have a new conversation about international values? Do concepts such as individuality and sincerity have meaning in the Digital Age? His paintings suggest resolutions to these contradictions that offer a new way of thinking about art in the 21st century.”









On 25 August, Li Huayi joined a panel discussion with Michael Knight, Asian Art Museum Foundation Curator Emeritus and HoMA curator Shawn Eichman. Li Huayi talked about his remarkable journey to become one of the leading innovators of contemporary Chinese ink painting.







Contemporary Landscapes: Li Huayi

24 August 2019 - 5 January 2020
Honolulu Museum of Art

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