Li Huayi - Landscapes from a Master's Heart

Monograph on the preeminent Chinese contemporary ink painter Li Huayi

A publication under a joint venture between Kwai Fung and Rizzoli International Publications, the monograph is an elegant visual documentation of Li Huayi's artistic evolution, providing a bird's eye view as well as the microscopic details of the artist's career up to the present, with an insightful analysis by art critic and curator Professor Kuiyi Shen.


It is the most comprehensive literature on the preeminent Chinese contemporary ink painter Li Huayi, with English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese editions.


  • Book format: 310 (H) x 240 (W) mm
  • 312 pages with hard cover
  • Printed and bound by Rizzoli in Italy
  • More than 160 artworks of Li Huayi, representing each major period from 1993-2017
  • Substantial analysis of the art of Li Huayi by Prof. Kuiyi Shen
  • Extracts from insightful critiques: Michael J. Knight, Souren Melikian, Robert D. Mowry, Hong Liang Wu


English edition is now available at the official website of Rizzoli. Order now at  RIZZOLI !


Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese editions are available at Kwai Fung Hin, please order by email at

24 May 2018
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