Fresh Eyes - In Conversation with Young Artist, Art Patron and Art Historian on Works by Lalan: Asia Society Hong Kong Center

On the occasion of Lalan's retrospective exhibition Extended Figure: The Art and Inspiration of Lalan, Kwai Fung Hin invited Queenie Rosita Law, Founder and Director at Q Art Group, Alan Huang, young artist, and Tomas Antalek, professional Latin dancer and artist, to join the talk Fresh Eyes: In Conversation with Young Art Patron and Art Historian on Works by Lalan at Asia Society.

Moderated by Ms Catherine Kwai, the talk focused on the discussion of Lalan's life as a female Asian artist, influences of multi-cultural experiences on her creation, and her cross-discipline practices in the contemporary context.




Queenie Rosita Law     Founder and Director at Q Art Group

A graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Queenie's journey from artist to entrepreneur led to the founding of Q Art Group, a threefold venture that reflects her belief that art can be appreciated through an array of diverse forms. Curating and producing artwork through its private museum, commercial gallery and art studio, Q Art Group mirrors Queenie's philosophy that art speaks to us and exists in every corner of daily life. A true devotee of artistic discovery, she was captivated by Central and Eastern European (CEE) contemporary art after falling in love with the raw expression and powerful energy of artists from the region. Queenie began collecting vibrant CEE art during her travels and subsequently founded Q Contemporary as a private museum in Budapest, dedicated to promoting and researching great artists from the region.


Alan Huang     Artist

Alan Huang studied Fine Arts and History at the University of Hong Kong and he is about to start a Master of Arts Program in Humanities at the University of Chicago. He has a deep knowledge and fascination in the humanities which serve as a profound mooring for his passion for art. His works incline to surreal representations of thoughts and philosophy derived from individual interiority and history. Much of his interests concern the role of the humanities in face of a world drastically transformed by commercialization. He published an anthology entitled A Rhino's Story in 2016 and participated in a group exhibition of Hong Kong young artists at Kwai Fung Hin in 2019.


Tomas Antalek     Professional Latin dancer and artist
The precision of execution and swift uninterrupted movement combine in his paintings as they do on a dancefloor. Tom Antalek is a professional dancer and a self-thought artist from Slovakia. He developed a precise and refined technique for pencil drawings and acrylic paintings, capturing the emotions and understanding the dynamics of shade and light. Often depicting human, urban and natural inputs, his art creation is inspired by the body language and rhythm of the music.






Date  10 July 2021

Time  11AM

Location  Chantal Miller Gallery, Asia Society Hong Kong Center