Matteo Pugliese 瑪蒂奧 ‧ 培利思 b. 1969

Born in Milan in 1969, Matteo Pugliese showed an aptitude for drawing and sculpture at an early age with works of figures and animals in terracotta. After studying in Cagliari, he returned to Milan to attend university where he received a degree in Modern Literature in 1995. He is one of the few contemporary artists who skilfully synthesises classical Italian tradition with contemporary, multi-cultural pop ideas.


Passing through the wall as if travelling in a time tunnel between the previous, the present and the next life or traversing between different worldly situations, his striking Sculptures of Man captivate the viewer with deep and exacting defined muscles and bone structures. Crafted from bronze, these figures convey a strong sense of exotic emotion. 


In his series The Guardians, Pugliese gives his blessing for life with a silent army of bronze and terracotta warriors. Varied geographical origins are presented in facial expression, outfit, and weapon, each different yet united by a controlled strength. Made in bronze these imposing statues stand firm with a solid volume and attention that symbolises peace and protection.